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Yeah, I Went to See Katy Perry. Big Whoop! Wanna Fight About It?

California Girls indeed
California Girls indeed

The summer season has ended in a family tradition for the past few years of going to Minneapolis for a weekend.  Usually the Tigers are in town around that time, and we can finagle a few tickets out of it.  My parents wanted to do it up a bit more this year, so the two of them purchased my brothers and I tickets to go see a play (The Book of Mormon, which is excellent).  The two of them, however, planned on going to see Katy Perry at the Target Center.  Well, to make a long story short, my Mom wasn’t feeling very well, and my Dad wasn’t going to Katy Perry by himself.  So, I ended up with the tickets.

I’m not going to lie to you:  The concert ruled.  Whether or not you like her music, she knows how to put on a show for her fans.  She was snagging people’s phones and taking selfies with them, pulling a select few up on stage, and pretty much just made the entire thing worth going to.  She brought energy and probably more outfits than more people have in their entire wardrobe during the two hour spectacle.  All in all:  It was one of the most fun concerts I’ve been to.  And yes…. she may have pointed at me on occasion.  Or so I tell myself.

-Carl Leander Johnson


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