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You Won’t Want to Miss the All New Season of The Ranch on Netflix – Sunny Overnights with Jeremy on Sunny.FM

The new season of The Ranch on Netlfix debuts this Friday.
The new season of The Ranch on Netflix debuts this Friday.

Marquette, MI- June 15th, 2017- I had a great time on air with you this morning. In case you missed it during the show I expressed my excitement for the Season 3 debut of The Ranch on Netflix.

If you have never seen the show, it is a sit-com based on a family of ranchers in a small town in Colorado. The show stars Sam Elliot who is a father to Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson. Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson both became stars on the hit TV show “That’s 70’s Show.” In The Ranch they play two brothers who struggle working on their family ranch with the tough but wise father of theirs, Sam Elliot.

Ashton Kutcher is one son who returns home as he could not make it as a star quarterback, while Danny Masterson is the older brother who stayed home to help their dad. The bickering between the family is what really makes this show hilarious but the way they are able to be their for each other through the tough times is what makes it real, and relate-able.

If you have not seen this show I highly suggest giving it a chance, but I do want to warn you – this show has adult content and language, and is not suitable for children. If you watch just one episode I guarantee you, you will definitely have a few laughs. Join me for my next show from 3-6 am on Friday. See more from on my show page.