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Open House at Woodland Assisted Living — Everybody Is Family


Manistique, MI  –  September 10, 2017  –  What a perfect day to host an Open House! Nearly one hundred visitors at Woodland Assisted Living in Manistique took advantage of the the beautiful weather on Sunday as they enjoyed family, friends, good food, and music throughout the day. Community Relations Director Emily Mickelson and her talented staff outdid theselves at this fun-filled, family-friendly, end-of-the-summer party.

Betsy Mchugh was entertaining!

The grill was hot, the lunch was excellent, and I even made myself the perfect Arnold Palmer from the fresh squeezed lemonade and iced tea. For dessert, there was ice cream, but I had some of the freshly made cotton candy. There were so many delicious treats, I didn’t know where to start!

Betsy McHugh clowned around entertaining kids of all ages with her antics while Assistant Manager Crystal Snyder happily showed off the entire facility. Everywhere I looked, people were smiling and having a good time. Adults mingled and visited while kids jumped on the moon bounce and slid down the inflatable slide.

My favorite part of the day was getting to know the people at Woodland Assisted Living. Emily and her staff, as well as some of the residents and many family members of residents, talked with me and I got to see just how much people appreciate the work being done by the staff to meet and exceed expectations of residents and their families. Everyone I talked to wholeheartedly endorsed Woodland Assisted Living as the best option for their loved ones. Residents echoed time and again that the staff was wonderful and how they provided a fantastic assortment of weekly activities. On Fridays, there’s even a Happy Hour!

Here’s what I noticed from spending the day at Woodland Assisted Living: Everyone who walks through that door is treated as family. I noticed the entire staff knew all the residents’ family members, as well as their kids, grand kids, and even the great-grand kids.

These kids went non-stop throughout the day.

One couple I met came to the Open House just to see the staff and residents they’d met while their parents were living there. Though their parents had passed, the couple still wanted to come see everyone and catch up. It was really telling to see how the couple still wanted to stay personally connected to everyone at Woodland Assisted Living.

After spending Sunday at the Woodland Assisted Living Open House, I can say the place is truly amazing. I had a ton of fun, and that’s because the staff went all out to make it a great day for families. They care, plain and simple. That’s why it is such a great place to call home. If my parents or any family members are ever in a situation where assisted living is necessary, I’ll be calling Emily at 906-341-4421 and making an appointment to show them Woodland Assisted Living.