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My Favorite Incandescent Light Bulb Is Going Away. Ohh No!


I love this little light bulb. It sheds so much light for being so small.
My kids use it. Since the beginning of our lives, my wife & I use it.

Our parents have been around since 1934 and still use it each year. And my deceased great grand parents whom relocated from Europe and Holland, the Deckers, always used them.

It’s that bright small clear light bulb with that little filament inside it!

They are officially called CFL’s and to my dismay they are going away in 2014. The American made incandescent light bulb has been smudged out by the Green Activist. It’s estimated that hundreds of American jobs will be lost as factories close this year in 2012.

Darn, I like this little light bulb. It’s safe and easy and quick, unlike the new Green replacement bulbs that contain toxic chemicals inside of them and take a while to fully light. Will our landfills be able to handle all these new bulbs since they are so toxic?

A local Marquette resident, Dan Adamini, has written a song about the plight of this little light bulb. Give it a listen and let me know what you think?
The Incandescant Light Bulb Is Leaving


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