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Register for the Design, Dig & Develop Giveaway

The Design, Dig & Develop Giveaway
The Design, Dig & Develop Giveaway

Marquette, MI – March 28, 2022 – Get ready for summer with the Design, Dig & Develop Giveaway from Northland Lawn, Sports & Equipment! mediaBrew Communications has teamed up with Northland to bring you a giveaway your property will love: a John Deere 1023E with a front loader.

In-Person Registration

Registration is easy if you live in the Marquette area! If you’re out on the town or just picking up groceries, stop by one of our bucket locations found throughout Marquette County. Just fill out a slip, drop it in the bucket, and you’re in! Here’s a list of our bucket locations for this contest:

Online Registration

Registration is quick and easy with our online registration form! Head over to our Official Contest Page, scroll down to the bottom, and you should find a form there to fill out!

Check out Northland

Northland in Negaunee is located along the highway, so why not check out their supply of John Deere vehicles, equipment, and more next time you’re driving by.

Bucket Locations




Gwinn Sands

  • Kountry Korner Shell
  • Crossroads Mini Mart Shell


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