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Health Tip – Oct. 14 – Not So Guilty Pleasures


Once thought of as vices, some simple indulgences can actually be good for you. Experts have known for years that dark chocolate can help lower blood pressure and deliver heart-healthy antioxidants. Newer research shows the sweet stuff may even help fight “bad” cholesterol and boost your brainpower. Feel free to enjoy an ounce a day.

According to new research funded in part by the Wrigley Science Institute, chewing gum can help you cut calories and eat fewer sweets. Study volunteers fi rst ate a healthy lunch, then spent the afternoon either chewing sugar-free gum (15 minutes an hour for three hours) or skipped the gum completely. The gum chewers chose fewer sweet snacks and consumed 40 less total calories than the non-gum-chewing participants. They also said they felt less hungry and had fewer cravings.

Now there’s even more reason to love your morning latte. Coffee has been linked to a number of health benefits, including lowering the risk of diabetes and Parkinson’s disease, zapping headaches, and boosting your mood. It may also reduce the risk of stroke and breast cancer in women.


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