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The Hot Tub Giveaway Musings From Dee Dee


There are many aspects of my job that make it fun and gratifying, but none as much as the times when Great Lakes Radio gives away an awesome prize. The Nordic Escape Premium Hot Tub Giveaway on Thursday, October 6 at the Country Lanes Entertainment Center was especially sweet. Darnel Chevrette of Negaunee won the hot tub and I had the privilege of registering her for the chance to win.

These giveaway parties always have their tense, nail-biting moments, not only for the guests, but for the staff as well. One of my jobs at the Hot Tub Giveaway was to dismiss the guests, table by table, to select their winning “key” and then to dismiss them again to try their combination printed on the key to the padlock. After all had their keys, I began dismissing the tables in reverse order from that which was used for the key pick-up. It was getting down to the last few guests to try their combinations when I started to get a wee bit concerned that maybe someone had made a mistake and had tried their combination the wrong way.

I mentioned to the folks waiting to take their turn trying their combinations how surprised I was that we had yet to get a winner. Darnel Chevrette was at that last table and she said there wasn’t a winner yet because she had the winning combination. She patiently waited her turn, almost the last of the guests to give it a shot and POP! That lock opened and Darnel won, just as she said she would! Wow!

Now as I said earlier, there are many things I like about my job with Great Lakes Radio, but the chance to be with the listeners and have an evening of fun, food, and to be involved with sending someone home a big winner is the best part of my job. Congratulations, Darnel!!


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