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Health Tip – July 27 – Beat the Heat


As temperatures rise, your body works overtime to stay cool. Any outdoor activity in high heat is physically stressful and can lead to heat exhaustion or even heat stroke. Wear light, loose fitting clothing and don’t overdo it.

One fact of heat is sweat. Even walking to your car in extreme heat can cause those little salty beads to pop out under your arms and on your face. Since sweating causes you to lose precious minerals, keep your electrolytes in balance by getting plenty of minerals from fresh fruit, vegetables and health supplements.

A complete nutritional profile that includes vitamin B, Zinc and antioxidants like C, E and carotenoids will boost your immune system and help fight stress, airborne allergens and toxins.

Drink plenty of water. When heat and humidity are high, you can quickly become dehydrated. Your body’s thirst mechanism isn’t very accurate and becomes more unreliable with age. By the time most of us feel thirsty, we’re already slightly dehydrated. It’s especially important during warm weather to drink 8 glasses of water a day.


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