Congratulations to Daniel Beltz! Wins John Deere Riding Mower

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The crowd really piled into Red Rock Lanes last night!

The crowd really piled into Red Rock Lanes last night!

In our 2014 First Quarter Giveaway, Daniel Beltz came out victorious.  People packed into Red Rock Lanes last night all with the hopes of leaving like Mr. Beltz did:  With a new John Deere Riding Mower.  Actually, to be precise, it was a brand new 2014 John Deere Zero-Turn Mower from Michigan Sales & Equipment of Marquette.  Needless to say, Danny boy will be cutting his grass in style this summer!


Our salesman Jim (right) tries to teach our web designer Rilee (left) how to golf… this is where the heckling came in.

With a massive group of people, some delicious food from Mama Russo’s, and a great sense of community, it was a lot of fun for me to watch friends gather for an event like this.  I had the easy job after all:  Cheering, assisting, and (occasionally) heckling you guys as you putted in an attempt to get a free game of bowling.

Whether it was my interacting with all of you, my co-workers cracking jokes, or one of my bosses running around like a crazy person with a camera, I always enjoy doing the giveaway!  I look forward to the next one, where we’ll be giving away a gift that makes me want to quit, just so I can be eligible to win it:  A good ‘ole fashioned sauna!  If you’re pronouncing it properly in your head, congratulations.  If not… well for you, I have bupkiss.  Enjoy guys!

All this was possible due to our fabulous sponsors tonight:  SIR Federal Credit Union, BioLife, Synergy Fitness, Togo’s, Norway Springs, Carmike Cinemas, Pike Distributors & Labatt Blue, Globe Printing, and Hudson’s Classic Grill.  We here at Great Lakes Radio really enjoy reaching out to Yoopers everywhere over 200 miles of God’s country!  Thank you so much for all of your support and giving us the ability to provide you all with a wonderful night.

You can see more pictures from the night by clicking RIGHT HERE!

-Carl Leander


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