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Workday Wind Down with Kris Kyro

Mark Evans has taken over, check out the updated show page here!

The Workday Wind Down with Kris on Sunny
Join Kris, host of The Workday Wind Down – Weekdays from 3-7pm on Station of the Year, Sunny.FM.

Kris majored in Broadcasting and minored in Journalism at Northern Michigan University to begin her life long career in radio. Radio took her from San Diego to South Carolina and beyond! She is a native Yooper who has worked in local radio since her return from the South.

Last year she received two Michigan Association of Broadcast Broadcast Excellence Awards for 2016 including one for hosting one of the best morning shows in the market area. The second came from a project where Kris interviewed local, regional, and national musicians winning her Best Specialty Program – “Musical Notes”.

Kris plans to continue her “Musical Notes” program on Sunny.FM 101.9 and get involved in community events. Her entire life has been focused on media and entertainment. Her love of radio has intertwined with her love of music, theater, writing and acting. Kris brings all of those things together on her show to give listeners a great Workday Wind Down experience on Sunny.FM 101.9. She looks forward to getting involved in everything this area has to offer both on and off air.

Mon-Fri 3-7pm and Saturday 3-6pm on Sunny.FM

Don't forget to listen in from 3-5 to find out What's For Dinner with Kris Kyro!
Don’t forget to listen in from 3-5 to find out What’s For Dinner with Kris Kyro on Sunny FM!

Join Kris to chat about local happenings and from 3-5pm and hear the “Dinner Deals”! You’ll get to hear information from local restaurants about “What’s for Dinner?”

Kris will chat with restaurants to find out what’s on the menu and give you some tasty dinner ideas.


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