The Negaunee Pioneer Days Come to an End with Tonight’s The Negaunee Fireworks Display

    The reflect on the water was really neat.

    Negaunee, MI  –  July 8, 2017  –  Following the Negaunee Pioneer Days Parade & Picnic and with dusk finally approaching, it was time to start the Negaunee Fireworks Display! People gathered around the Teal Lake shoreline for to watch the fireworks go up over the lake. Having missed the Marquette Fourth of July Fireworks while on vacation, I was very excited to photography my first fireworks of the year!

    People waiting eagerly for the last bit of light to fade from the sky. Finally the first pop echoed across the lake carrying the noise to our ears on the shore. The sky light up with bright reds and oranges. The show started to build slowly as the barge set of one firework at a time from the left side of Tea Lake.

    Quickly the display built as fireworks went off brightening the sky before slowly extinguishing as they fell back toward the lake. People chatted between each burst of color. The spectators watched the show build even more as the event crew lit firework after firework. With the rapid increase in fireworks, the explosions also got larger and the booms much louder.

    The viewers were almost hypnotized by the colors, myself included as the show reached it’s climax. Designed to explode in all shapes and sizes, a multi-shot finale tore into the air letting off one final massive display. The finale was followed by cheering and clapping from the crowd and of course, a whole lot of traffic in the parking lot.

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