Marquette County Hospitals Prepare For Ebola

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    Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – Marquette General and Bell Hospital are taking proactive steps to prepare for the possibility of Ebola appearing in the area.

    Officials say they are prepared to identify, diagnosis, and treat anyone presenting symptoms.

    They add, however, that while no Ebola cases have been reported in Michigan, they are taking the potential threat seriously and are implementing appropriate precautionary measures.

    Recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control are being implemented throughout the hospitals and clinics.

    Hospital clinicians, infection control staff and others have reviewed all information provided by the CDC, and are preparing educational materials and treatment protocols for staff.

    Hospital staff are reminding the public that although Ebola is a serious illness, seasonal flu is a much greater risk to the area.

    Healthcare providers recommend all persons over the age of six months get a seasonal flu shot.


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