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Carl Leander’s Top-5 Black Sabbath Songs


OzzieI’m like David Letterman over here with the Top-x stuff.  Anyway, here we go.  Fantastic group, heavy metal, driving beats, what more can you want?  NOTHING, that’s what.  Let’s get it done then!


1.)  N. I. B.  (Black Sabbath – 1970)

I don’t know what it is, but the main guitar/bass riff on this song just has you going from beginning to end.  Some might say it’s repetitive, but I say it’s awesome.  Plus, it’s from the band’s original record.  How can you go wrong?


2.)  Black Sabbath  (Black Sabbath – 1970)

I know, I know.  The name of the song is “Black Sabbath” by Black Sabbath, off of the album Black Sabbath.  Clearly this song & album was their “coming out” party.  That’s why I love it.  It’s crazy instrumentals, Ozzie’s singing, the deceivingly slow tempo, it’s got it all.

3.)  Iron Man  (Paranoid – 1970)

What kind of Black Sabbath list doesn’t include Iron Man?  The song is a gosh-darned classic.  The unforgettable guitar riff, the drumming, and it’s a superhero’s anthem…..C’mon man.  Enjoy the Iron Man montage accompanying the video.

4.)  War Pigs  (Paranoid – 1970)

This song is like the heavy-metal anthem.  Heavy guitar, heavy bass, heavy drums, if this song was a person, it would look like a Gothic Peter Griffin.  Ozzie sings between fantastic guitar tiffs and tats.  I also have a soft-spot for this song, as my older cousin Karl used to drum on my stomach and sing this song whilst picking on me back in the day.  So there is your little insight into this Carl’s life.

5.)  Children of the Grave  (Master of Reality – 1971)

The intro to this song gives me chills.  Bass starts it off with a slight cymbal, guitar joins, and the song just takes off.  When Ozzie starts the lyrics, you’re already enthralled.  It is a song meant for head banging and long car trips.  Fact.



I hope you guys enjoyed the list!  Seriously, check out Black Sabbath, you won’t be disappointed.  Thanks!

-Carl Leander Johnson



This list is for people who haven’t really listened to the group, so I AM aware that I am posting a lot of their hits.  Sorry if that bothers you.


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