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Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival: Recap


Marquette, Mich.7/24/2023

Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival wrapped up last night with wonderful performances by Pert Near Sandstone and Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper. Saturday held a bit of wind and some showers around 3:00p. However,  Sunday evening turned out to be absolutely beautiful with a vibrant sun setting at the same time the final act of the weekend came on stage: Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper. The setting, as well as the final performers, brought the weekend together in a majestic manner. All the while, there were people recreating out on the grass field, or on the camp’s beach during this beautiful, soft sunset. The organizers thanked everyone repeatedly for such a great weekend, and expressed a need for more volunteers. Next year, you might consider volunteering your way into the festival. We can guarantee their need for more.

Based on the amazing attitudes and excellent turnout, it looks like the 43rd Annual Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival was a well-rounded success.

Here is another photo update of what went down for the rest of the weekend from Tourist Park during the legendary Hiawatha Traditional Music Festival.


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