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Sunny.FM Broadcasts LIVE at 38th Annual Gem and Mineral Show

Sunny van help creat excitement with remote broadcast
Joe Duckworth did a LIVE broadcast this morning at the Ishpeming Elks Club

Ishpeming August 3, 2013 – The 38th Annual Gem and Mineral Show was well attended and considered a success in Ishpeming today.

Joe Duckworth said, “I am enjoying these minerals.  I also am pleasantly surprised this club has done so well and have worked so hard at this.  Today is the 38th annual show and the 60th anniversary of the club.”

Joe said, “I was amazed at the variations between the same mineral, the different colors of turquoise, ruby, of everything.  No two look alike.  What you think a piece of copper looks like can look particularly different when it’s inside something else.”

Every gem or mineral at the show is one of a kind and there’s no two that are the same.

These gems make the best gifts including custom made jewelry. Many were buying the raw materials to make jewelry for themselves.

A special thank you organizer Ernie Johnson for asking Sunny.fm to be involved in such a success event.  We are proud to Share-the-Air with community leaders like Ernie Johnson.

Poster of the 38th Annual Gem and Mineral Shop at Ishpeming Elks Club
Don’t miss this event in 2014. It’s the first Saturday in August each year!


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