Bills on Michigan Merit Curriculum Unveiled


    MARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News)A two-bill legislative package unveiled yesterday in Lansing is calling for adjustments to the Michigan Merit Curriculum that would give high school students more career and vocational training education options.

    The bills are authored by 108th District State Representative Ed McBroom of Vulcan, and 97th District State Representative Joel Johnson of downstate Clare.

    The legislation allows high school graduation requirements to include two additional math credits as an alternative to Algebra II; agri-science and anatomy as additional science options, and U.S. History is added; a half credit each of health education and physical education is required, although the PE credit can be earned through participation in school-approved extra-curricular physical activity, such as athletics.

    The package also promotes increased availability of the arts and emphasizes foreign language courses being taught prior to high school grades, when students may be more adept at learning them.

    The measures are now before the House Education Committee for consideration.

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