GLCYD Previews Programs And Says Goodbye To Staffer

    Paul Olson on his final visit to the SUNNY Studio.  Joined by the new GLCYD Radio Voice, Amy Quinn.
    Paul Olson on his final visit and the new GLCYD Radio Voice, Amy Quinn.

    MARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – The Great Lakes Center For Youth Development is increasing discussions of family assets and youth developmental assets as they prepare for the annual youth development asset survey for Marquette and Alger Counties.

    Paul Olson with the GLCYD visited the The SUNNY Morning Show today to talk about these assets and how they work together to develop strong youth in our communities.

    He also talked about a webinar that is coming up soon, sponsored by the GLCYD that will focus on developing those assets and training families to increase their skills to enhance the various developmental assets.

    Paul Olson then announced he is leaving the GLCYD and introduced Amy Quinn, who will become the new radio voice of the agency.  She will be taking over for Paul as he goes to work next week at the Marquette County Health Department.

    We wish Paul Olson well on his future endeavors and are sorry to see him go.  Good Luck, Paul!!

    LISTEN – Paul Olson and Amy Quinn from the GLCYD.

    VISIT – The GLCYD website.


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