Michigan Democrats Workin to Repeal RTW Laws


    Michigan Democrats working on legislation MARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News)Michigan Senate Democrats are already at work trying to repeal the state’s new right-to-work laws.

    Senate Democrat Hoon Hopgood announced yesterday that he has submitted for introduction bills to repeal right-to-work laws. Hopgood says the people of Michigan were completely shut out of the legislative process with the right-to-work regulation.

    Republican lawmakers passed the legislation to make Michigan the nation’s 24th right-to-work state over the objections of Democrats and thousands of protesters that demonstrated outside the Capitol building.

    The likelihood of Hopgood’s legislation being passed is slim as it would need the blessing of Republican leadership to get a hearing or a vote.  House Democrats are working on similar legislation.

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    1. It is not right for NON Union members to reap the rewards of what Organized labor has fought for! I am a member of Michigan Carpenters and the right to work (for less) is just that! They do not realize that if it was not for organized labor, They would not be enjoying weekends off, 8 hour days and many other benefits that NON union members already have access to!!!!!!!!!! And if these guys think they will have a warm welcome when entering MY world! They will be wrong!!!

    2. Law makers represent the people, why wasn’t the people evolved in the passing of this law? Was it because republican felt they could not pass this law with blessings of the majority of the people? Repeal this law an allow the people to decide. This is a democracy not a monarchy. Let the people decide!

    3. Lawmakers should always represent the people. That is why they are elected. This law has (right to work) has caused enough controversy, that it shows that the people are not properly represented. Repeal this law and allow both side of this issue to be heard properly so it will represent the majority. This is a democracy not a monarchy.

    4. I am against the right to work law that is about to go through. I feel the people of this state should have the right to have a say before a law like this is past. The people of this state and any other state should have the right to vote and have a say in such laws. I am a UAW AUTO FACTORY WORKER, the people fought long and hard for wages, safe work conditions, etc., I feel the government is working hard to break the unions and not giving the people a voice. It wasn’t long ago our government wanted the auto industry to fail completely. Our government is suppose to working for the people not for themselves.


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