McDowell Calling for Votes in Nothern Michigan to be Counted and Certified


    McDowell calling for every vote in Northern Michigan counted and certified. MARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – As county boards of canvassers convene today and tomorrow, the Gary McDowell Congressional campaign is calling for every vote in Michigan’s First District to be counted and certified.

    The race came down to a difference of 2,297 votes separating McDowell from incumbent Congressman Dan Benishek, which is about 6/10ths of a point, and as a result, the McDowell camp says they have not conceded the race.

    Zach Knowling, campaign manager for McDowell for Congress says this is a very close race and they owe it to all the voters of Northern Michigan to ensure that every vote is counted.

    Congressman Benishek’s campaign has claimed victory and they say McDowell conceded the race in a newspaper interview published on Wednesday.  The McDowell campaign disagrees and says they expect most county boards of canvassers will complete their work by the end of the day Friday.

    At that time, the McDowell campaign will release another update.

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