Great Lakes Center For Youth Development Encourages Talking To Your Kids About The Election

    Paul Olson - WKQS Studios - (906) 228-6800
    Paul Olson with the GLCYD

    MARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – Paul Olson from the Great Lakes Center For Youth Development stopped by the SUNNY studios today to chat about keeping kids abreast of what this political season is all about.

    Olson discussed why the GLCYD feels it is a good idea to use this election season as an opportunity to explain to kids what voting and democracy are all about.

    He stressed that it was not necessarily a time to put partisan thought into the educational process, but it was appropriate to explain how campaigning influences voting and how voting determines the country’s political leaders.

     LISTEN – Paul Olson from the GLCYD on teaching your kids about elections.

    VISIT – The Great Lakes Center For Youth Development website.


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