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News Update For Wednesday, 5/9/12


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The City Of Ishpeming proposal for the recall of three city council members was defeated last night.  The recall of Claudia Demarest was defeated 620-442, Elaine Racine 645-416, and Michael Tall 648-413.

In Forsyth Township, residents voted to strike down three of the four recent proposals.  The Forsyth Township Library Bond Proposal to have the township borrow the principal sum of 1.5 million dollars and issue its general obligation in unlimited tax bonds payable in thirty years was struck down 724-223.  The township’s Library New Additional Millage Proposal to increase by an amount not to exceed one half mil for a period of years was struck down 695-257.  An increase of one mil for the purpose of Police Operations was struck down 498-453, but the proposal of a renewal of the millage for the purposes of operating a Police Department for a period of six years, 2014 through 2019, was approved 594-355.

In Alger County, the AuTrain-Onota School District had approved a renewal of an eighteen mil operating millage on all property as required for the district to receive its per-pupil state funding by a vote of 59-29.

In the City of Munising there were uncontested races for mayor and three open slots for city commission.  For mayor, Rod DesJardins is running for the one year term, he received 34 votes.  For the three year terms on the Munising City Commission, incumbents Robert Beauprey Jr. and S. Richard Bornslaegar received 32 and 29 votes respectively.  On a partial term on the Munising City Commission that runs through May of 2013, incumbent Kevin Cotey received 35 votes.

Residents of the Tahquamenon School in Chippewa, Luce, Schoolcraft, and Mackinac counties approved a measure seeking to renew the current non-residential property tax at a rate of eighteen mil for one year to pay for operations 344-178.


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