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Word of the Day – Oct. 31 – Phantasm

Noun: Phantasm  (FAN-taz-um)Definition:1. A product of fantasy.2. A delusive appearance or  illusion.3. A ghost or specter.4. A figment of the imagination.5. A mental representation... Daily Deal–JA Mapping

$100 Custom Map Package Including Print One of my best memories was spending summers at camp and looking above the fireplace mantle at an area...

Big Boys Strawberry Fest Has Me Captured in my Imagination

Marquette – May 18, 2011 – After enjoying coffee and cream, my focus this afternoon is on eating big, fresh, red, ripe strawberries.  Berries are scarce in Marquette, but Big Boy restaurant has them. Since Michigan’s weather remains in the 50′s, I am assuming the big, awesome berries I am enjoyings at the Marquette Big [...]

Marquette County Patrol Car on South Basin Drive Negaunee Township

Negaunee Township -  May 3, 2011 -  Marquette County Sheriff deputy doing his duty on South Basin Drive early this morning at 7:55. Initially I was surprised to come upon a deputy parked in his patrol car at a rural intersection off South Basin Drive, because they are never out here in our crime free [...]