Sunday, April 18, 2021
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UP Bargains Daily Deal – Lutey’s Flower Shop

Flowers are a great gift to express you r feelings in numerous occasions and UP Bargains is offering a $20 certificate from Lutey's for...

Word of the Day – Sept. 6 – Dyslogistic

Adjective: Dyslogistic  (diss-luh-JISS-tik)Definition: Uncomplimentary.Sample sentence: The blogger used many dyslogistic adjectives to express his dissatisfaction with the mayor.

Word of the Day – July 18 – Anacoluthon

Noun: Anacoluthon (an-uh-kuh-LOO-thahn)Definition: Syntactical inconsistency or incoherence within a sentence; especially : a shift in an unfinished sentence from one syntactic construction...

Word of the Day – June 22 – Decry

Verb:  Decry  (dih-KRY)Definition:1. To depreciate (as a coin) officially or publicly2. To express strong disapproval ofSample sentence:  The mission of the group  is to...