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You MAY Want to Look at These Deals From UP Bargains

Save outdoors with UP Bargains
Save outdoors with UP Bargains

Marquette, MI – Every week you can enjoy a “SUNNY” Wednesday when you listen in the morning to Sunny 101.9 or 103 FXD for UP Bargains! Mark and Walt will lay out the latest and hottest discounts to be found on UP Bargains. There are lots of amazing things on the show that are great for the great outdoors! These incredible deals can even be emailed straight to your inbox! Go ahead and get signed up now for UP Bargains Newsletter!

Heading out on the waters of the Upper Peninsula? Grab a canoe or a kayak rental from AuTrain River Canoe & Kayaks for a deal!

Winter muddied up your windows? Johnson Glass Cleaning is here to clear things up and save you money at the same time!

Superior Times has a cabin waiting for you to have a superior time. Treat yourself to a one night stay in their lovely cabins and take some time away.

If you love classic then you will love Hudson’s Classic Grill. Filled with great historic memorabilia but filled with even more classic food. Save on some with this deal.

Wake up with Dead River Coffee, whether that is with their coffee, roasts, drinks, treats or more. You can save a lot when you go for this bargain, you’re cup will overflow.


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