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Let us Save, Let us Save, Let us Save!!

Great Deals at UP Bargains
Great Deals at UP Bargains

Marquette, MI – Let the savings pile up this Wednesday morning by listening in to Sunny 101.9 or 103 FXD for the Great Lakes Shopping Show! Early each Wednesday morning catch Mark and Walt showcase all of the newest local deals to be found on UP Bargains. How would you like to have these fresh bargains emailed straight to your inbox? Then you go ahead and sign up here for the Great Lakes Shopping Show Newsletter!

Snow has fallen! Get a plow attached as soon as you can at a discount with Quality Car Care Center! Experts are there to help with your snow needs.

Need a winter hobby? Time Flies Quilting Studio has what you need with a new sewing machine and $100 certificate to get you started.

Republic Ridge Hunting Resort is near in case you have the itch to hunt. Save money on a new initiation fee and join in the fun.

Save yourself some trouble and some money with Kleen Worx Detailing and their services to keep your vehicles safe from environmental wear and tear.

Perform4Life is here for your holiday woes. Eat more but make sure to exercise too! Membership deals are what you need. They make great gifts too!


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