Home Shopping Show Fall into Local Deals with UP Bargains and SAVE!

Fall into Local Deals with UP Bargains and SAVE!

UP Bargains Saves You Money
UP Bargains Saves You Money

Marquette, MI – This Wednesday morning is the best morning because you can turn to Sunny 101.9 or 103 FXD for the Great Lakes Shopping Show! When you listen in each Wednesday morning and listen Mark and Walt showcase all of the latest local deals to be found on UP Bargains you will save money. Would you like to have these newest bargains emailed straight to your inbox? Then you go ahead and sign up here for the Great Lakes Shopping Show Newsletter!

Have you been on Pictured Rocks Cruises yet this year? Now is the time to save, book, and see the Fall colors along the coastline for yourself. Don’t delay.

Pizza is always a good choice, and you can make a good choice and save money with Poppi’s Pizzeria Mozzi in Gwinn. Grab this deal and save some dough.

If fudge and seeing the sights is your thing then Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry is what you need. Save 50% on a VIP round trip ticket. Visit Mackinac Island before it really gets cold.

The sun sets earlier and rises later these days so you get less, but if you visit Studio Skincare you can have a whole month of sun! Keep that tan on a little longer.

Too cold to grill? Lake Superior Smokehouse Brewpub has your favorites and you can save money while enjoying them. Sink your teeth into this great deal and go home with a full belly and a full wallet.


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