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The Pioneer Days Fireworks on Teal Lake with Great Lakes Radio

Kick off to Fireworks at Pioneer Days, Teal Lake
Kick off to the Teal Lake Fireworks at Pioneer Days, Negaunee, MI 2015 Photo by Lauren Bareiss

Negaunee, MI  –  In the evening following The Pioneer Days Parade, the fireworks on Teal Lake in Negaunee, Michigan took place. The gathering for the fireworks was shocking. There were easily two-hundred people around the lake, sitting in anticipation. Setting up for show with my camera, I waited just as eagerly. I missed the Marquette Fourth of July Fireworks, so this event was my personal chance at redemption for the year.

While waiting for the fireworks to start, a man engaged me in a conversation about my camera! Both being into photography, we chatted about gear and camera settings. We were out to catch the perfect shot as the last rays of light dipped below the Negaunee hillside.

A few sharp cracking sounds grabbed the crowd’s attention as darkness set in and explosions of color blew up in the sky. The show started slowly with a few single shots from a barge on the right side of Teal Lake. Next, hues erupted from the boat with pops echoing across the water. The airborne colors fell from the sky slowly extinguishing in a low, chemical induced flame.

The “oo”s and “awe”s filled the silence in between each display of color. Eventually things ramped up even more and fireworks lit from both sides of the water at once shooting lights toward the center of the lake. As the fireworks went off faster, they also go larger. With the escalation, the pyrotechnics began to reach their climax and the people on the shore were almost hypnotized by the colors, myself included. Designed to explode in all shapes and sizes, a multi-shot finale tore into the air before being followed by a long moment of silence. Moving from their seats, the crowd began to cheer and clap before slowly making their way off the edge of the lake.

Even though pictures never do the real thing justice, if you missed the Pioneer Days Firework display over Teal Lake, check out the gallery of images below captured by Great Lakes Radio Photographer Lauren Bareiss.

Pioneer Days Parade and Community Picnic Photo Gallery!



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