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Trips to the Dentist with Holden

Kelsey's son, Holden, at age 5 at the dentist
Kelsey’s son, Holden, at age 5 at the dentist

Marquette, MichiganMarch 5, 2019 – It’s “Dental Appointment Day” with the Reyes Family!

I’m very fortunate that my 7 year old, Holden, has rarely given me any grief when it comes to bringing him to the dentist.

I’m sure it has a LOT to do with the fact that I started bringing him to see the dentist and get regular cleanings as soon as he turned  a year old.

There is zero fear for him when it comes to the dentist, and he sits through the appointment like a champ.

Sometimes, he even enjoys going!

His dad and I have always been very diligent about making sure he brushes twice a day, and flosses and uses mouthwash once a day.

I’ve never *knock on wood* had a cavity ever (or any problems with my teeth, really), and it seems that I’ve thankfully passed along those good dental genes to my son!

Or, it could just be that since we take going to the dentist so seriously, that that is why he’s never had any major dental problems (so far).

Whatever the reason, I’m thankful my son has a healthy mouth and a great relationship with the dentist.

Sometimes he actually looks forward to going because he knows that if he behaves, he gets to pick a small prize from the dentist!

We both have appointments back to back this afternoon (my husband Cody has his next Tuesday), so we’ll see if this time is another successful dental trip.

Wish us luck!

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