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Learning to Skate – Full Steam Ahead!

Holden Reyes, 1, IRA Hockey
Holden Reyes, #1, IRA Hockey

Manistique, MichiganDecember 18, 2018 – The cutest thing ever is watching your child grow and learn through something they love.

My son, Holden, is 7. He started hockey through the Iron Range Hockey Association’s Learn to Skate program in October. It literally took him two weeks to get steady on his skates, and four weeks to really start skating well. Now, he’s beginning to understand and practice hockey drills and games. It. Is. Amazing.

I can’t believe this little person I created is now out in the world with his shining personality, learning amazing things. It blows my mind.

I was looking at pictures of him as a tiny baby yesterday, reminiscing, and marveling at all of the accomplishments he’s had in his short life so far. Wow.

Holden Reyes, 2, IRA Hockey
Holden Reyes, #1, IRA Hockey

This past Saturday, Holden and his Learn to Skate “team” had a Jamboree in Manistique (meaning, they learned how to play a game by being thrown to the wolves). There were 5 other “teams,” and they all played against each other for 15 minute increments.

It was so adorable! The best part? He had a BLAST!

Here’s to being a “Hockey Mom!”

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