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Playing in the Snow!

Kelsey's Son, Holden, Winter 2015, The Sunny Morning Show
Kelsey’s Son, Holden, Winter 2015, The Sunny Morning Show

Negaunee, MichiganNovember 19, 2018 – So, it’s  been extremely cold lately. Which means, of course my child and his friends want to play in the snow!

Holden and his cousin, Titan, and their neighborhood friends went out and enjoyed the freezing cold weather yesterday! I think it was about 18 degrees? In any case, it was ridiculously cold. So much so that you will never find me willingly out in that kind of weather. But for some reason, kids just don’t feel the cold as much as adults do – so they’re out in that bitter cold, living it up in the snow, building snowmen and making snow forts to their hearts’ content.

As long as they’re having fun and not punching each other, it’s all good. They can go right ahead and have fun in the freezing cold. I’ll stay inside and sip my tea and watch them have the time of their lives! It was even too cold for me to quickly snap a picture!

Do your kids just not feel the cold, too?

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