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Apparently Her Hair Smells Heavenly.


Negaunee, MichiganOctober 16, 2018 – My son, Holden, is 7 and in 1st grade. He has several friends that he calls his “best friends ever,” and he frequently talks about them and how we absolutely must have play dates all the time. It’s precious, and since he is an only child, I try to schedule as many play dates as I can. But as most families are, we are super busy and it can be difficult to do so.

Something that cracks me up about about him and his friends is the fact that he loves his friend Ellery to the moon and back. I’m talking little kid infatuation. It’s adorable! They’ve been in soccer together the last three summers, but their friendship originally began when they started Junior Kindergarten together at Lakeview in Negaunee.

We recently attended Ellery’s birthday party. Right before the party, Holden and I were shopping for her present. We ran into Bath & Body Works quick, since they have items for little kids, and I figured Ellery would like something like that. While we were shopping, Holden looked up at me and said, “Mom, Ellery’s hair smells heavenly.”

Holden's 6th Birthday Party with his Friends Max, Elliot, and Ellery
Holden’s 6th Birthday Party with his Friends Max, Elliot, and Ellery

I had no idea what to say. I mean, I know it was innocently said, he’s only 7, but I literally didn’t know what to say. It scared me, because I all I could think about what how in just a few years he would start thinking about girls, and liking girls, and oh my God I’m not ready for that!

I said, “that’s nice.”

That’s nice. Okay, that was at least an answer! He seemed satisfied with it, though, so we moved on, bought the present, and went to the party. He played games with the kids and Ellery at the party, gave hugs, ate cake, and we left. Nothing else was said by him about Ellery’s hair smelling heavenly. “Okay, move on!” I thought to myself.

I’m having trouble doing that. All I can think about is my baby growing up, and it makes me so sad about him mot being a baby anymore, but also excited to see him grow into his own personality.

But I can wait!

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