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Support individuality, even if it means they wear those crazy socks with that printed shirt


Negaunee, MichiganOctober 3, 2018 – My 7 year old dressed himself yesterday morning. He’s been doing it more and more often these days, especially if he knows he has a special event at school that day where he knows he will be noticed. He’s developing a strong sense of individuality, and it is fantastic to watch.

Right now, he’s loving a particular outfit he received from his grandma. It’s a gray sweat suit (it could definitely pass for pajamas, though) with a gigantic polar bear face on the front of the shirt, complete with fuzzy ears. If you remember or know of the “touch and feel” baby books, imagine having a polar bear page within that book, but on the front of a child’s sweat shirt. Yup, that’s what he wore! But no outfit would be complete without a hoodie that doubles as a jacket.

Holden Reyes 2017 summer vacation outfit
Holden Reyes 2017 summer vacation outfit

His hoodie of choice happened to also be a part of his Halloween costume this year. At first glance, it’s a simple black hoodie with the top half of a skeleton printed on it. But wait, there’s more! It also zips up completely, hood and all, so that the hooded part actually doubles as a skeleton skull “mask.” Oh yea, he was styling!

You know what else he was? Ridiculously happy. My husband said my son walked out that door to the school bus yesterday morning prouder than a peacock. Once home from school, he was gushing to me about how great his day was, and how his fellow students were jealous of his outfit. His words were, “mom, they kept touching my polar bear on my shirt, and asking to try it on! I didn’t let them, though. You can’t be naked at school.” Smart kid.

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