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Morning Routine Change-Up


Negaunee, MichiganOctober 2, 2018 – The “Reyes Family Routine” used to be pretty standard. We’d all roll out of bed about an hour before we had to be anywhere. Socks, shirts, pants all flying. Toothpaste on the sink. Breakfast wolfed down. You know – the “we’re rushing so that we can pretend we have our lives together” routine. You’ve all done it at least once. Well, all of that changed once I began my career at Great Lakes Radio over a month ago.

My family and I went from being 9-5’ers to “one parent in the morning, one parent in the evening.” My husband works at both a local gas station and a local bar, and of course I work here at Great Lakes Radio. Being a Morning Show Co-Host on The Sunny Morning Show, my schedule here is 5:30AM – 2:30PM. My husband’s schedule, being that he has two very different jobs, is unpredictable, but he normally doesn’t start either job until noon or later and works late into the evening. This results in my son (who’s in first grade this year) having one parent in the morning (my husband) and one parent in the evening (me).

My husband, Cody, gets my son, Holden, ready and onto the bus at 8:15AM every weekday morning. I get him off the bus at 4:30PM every weekday evening. Family time is usually Holden and I, but when Cody doesn’t work an evening, or is done a little earlier, we spend as much time as we can together. It’s a struggle, but it’s all worth it.

Reyes Family
Reyes Family- Kelsey, Cody, & Holden

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