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Old Man Winter Settles Morning Show Bet

Snow In Negaunee On April 10, 2012 (courtesy Dawn Johnson)

MARQUETTE, MI – (Sunny Morning Show) – A debate between Morning Show co-hosts Walt Lindala and Mike Plourde came to a resounding and satisfying conclusion this morning.

Following the recent stand of extremely warm weather  across Marquette County, the foolish and inexperienced Mike bet the sage and knowledgeable Walt that it would not snow again for the season.

The bet grew from a paltry $0.15 offered by Mike to $50.00 after Walt said there would be measurable snow at least one more time this spring and suggested upping the amount and have the loser donate it to Special Olympics of Michigan.

The conflict raged on over the last couple of weeks, but came to a close today with word of measurable snowfall being reported in the West End of Marquette County.

Thanks to reports from our own staffers Dawn Johnson and Todd Noordyk, and an extra special thank you for the photo you see here to Dawn, who took a moment to gather photographic proof to rub in Mike’s face.

As a result, the sufficiently humbled Mike Plourde will now be making a $50.00 donation to Special Olympics of Michigan.  In a truly wrenching twist of fate, Mike will be making the donation in Walt’s name after making the offer in a terribly misguided act of bravado.

On a more serious note, if you would like to join in and make a donation to Special Olympics along with Mike, please click “HERE” to visit their Michigan website.


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