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Peter White Public Library And Marquette Township Discuss Library Services Fee

Peter White Public Library Director Pam Christensen

MARQUETTE, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – The following contains selected excerpts from a press release disseminated this week by the Peter White Public Library on the issue of Marquette Township possibly not placing the renewal of a one mil levy for library services on the ballot in August.

An interview with Library Director Pam Christensen on the issue can be accessed by clicking on the audio link posted below:


From the Peter White Public Library:

The Peter White Public Library is requesting five of the six townships served by a Contract for Library Services to place to place a renewal of the one mil levy on real and personal property on the primary ballot August 7, 2012.

The millage renewal for the PWPL was briefly discussed at the Marquette Township meeting on March 20, 2012.  At that time, Supervisor Dennis Liimatta stated that the Township is exploring other alternatives to the millage renewal.  The Board did not discuss the other alternatives being considered or place action on the millage renewal on the agenda for a future meeting.  Some residents have been told that new Township building plans contain space for a library that will serve Marquette Township residents.

Township officials contacted Library Director Pam Christensen to refute a March 22, 2012 Peter White Public Library’s FaceBook posting.  The posting stated Marquette Township officials had notified the Peter White Public Library that they would not place the millage renewal on the ballot.  The post encouraged Marquette Township residents to contact Township officials concerning this matter.

Randy Girard, Township Manager, and Dennis Liimatta, Supervisor, both responded to the post.  The PWPL posting was removed on Friday, March 23, 2012.   The wording in this posting was corrected less than 24 hours later. The new posting encourages Township residents to contact their elected officials and request that this issue be placed on the ballot.

The Board must pass a resolution to place the issue on the ballot by May 15, 2012.  This is the deadline for the August 7, 2012 primary election ballot.  If the issue is not placed on the ballot, Marquette Township residents will not have the opportunity to vote on the issue.

The PWPL has worked with surrounding Townships to negotiate Contracts for Library Services for the past 20 years.   Chocolay, Marquette, Powell, Sands and West Branch Townships are scheduled to renew the measure this year.


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