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Marquette Township Seeks To Complete Road Reconstruction Project

Marquette Township Supervisor Dennis Liimatta

Marquette Township, MI – (Great Lakes Radio News) – Marquette Township officials are struggling to carry out a plan to resurface roads in the township in spite of a revenue shortfall due to the recent “dark stores” tax tribunal ruling.

Township Supervisor Dennis Liimatta joined the SUNNY Morning Show with Walt & Mike today to give residents an update.

Liimatta said the township is working with engineers to develop a plan that would still get the resurfacing done as planned but with about $2 million less in money to pay for it.

The revenue shortfall was created in the Michigan Tax Tribunal ruling that affected the taxable value of retail stores and other facilities and, in return, the funds generated via municipal taxes.

Liimatta said while the township is working to continue the project, if the available funding and the cost of the work do not sync up, the project will be put on hold and it’s funding by a millage proposal will go back to voters in the township to decide.

LISTEN IN – Marquette Township Supervisor Dennis Liimatta.

VISIT – The Charter Township of Marquette website. 


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