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Emergency Cleaning Fund Effort Increasing Discussions About Suicide

Kate Hardy and Dave Aro

Marquette, MIMay 11, 2022 – The recently-established Marquette County Emergency Cleaning Fund to assist family members and other survivors of a violent suicide is continuing to gain support in the community.

The effort is working with the Marquette County Community Foundation and the Michigan-based group Six Feet Over to develop and coordinate the Fund.

Fund Creator Dave Aro and Six Feet Over Founder and Executive Director Kate Hardy spoke about the how they are working together to move the effort forward today with Mark & Walt in the Morning.

Aro explained more about the fund and how it is intended to financially help with costs associated with cleaning and property damage repair resulting from a violent suicide, as that responsibility and expense usually falls on next of kin.

Hardy talked about how Six Feet Over is helping with the effort to expand our communication about suicide and she shared her personal story about suicide and how it motivated her to form Six Feet Over several years ago.

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