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Texaco Country Showdown in Palmer Michigan


Palmer, MI – August 23, 2011 – The Texaco Country Showdown in Palmer, Michigan was apart of Palmer’s annual Heritage Days.  The fire department was drilling out food for community members.  There was a parade through town and a car show.  Many members of the community showed up at Kid’s Park in Palmer to enjoy the event.  There was bingo, bag toss games, and a lot of laughter and fun at this event.


Naomi Noordyk singing the National Anthem

After the parade Naomi Noordyk kicked off the showdown by singing the National Anthem.  Then Shannon Wyatt, a past showdown contestant and judge of this showdown, sang a few of her original songs.

Five contestants performed at this showdown.  All of which were females.  The mother daughter pair from Palmer, Kara and Denise Heggaton, Kaitlyn Kachmarsky from Marquette who sang her and played her guitar, Anna Wahlstrom also from Marquette, Stephanie Schmidt who drove all the way from Crandon, WI, and Amanda Yunk from Palmer and the youngest contestant.

Each singer has great potential in the country music world.  Our three judges, Naomi Noordyk, Dennis Harold, and Shannon Wyatt had a hard time picking a winner at this showdown.


Stephanie Schmidt, Showdown Winner

After evaluating each of their performances they decided that Stephanie Schmidt was the contest that best met the judging criteria.

Judging for the showdowns is based on marketability in country music, vocal and instrumental ability, originality of performance, stage presence and charisma, talent and extra points can be awarded for songwriting.

The last showdown for the summer is Saturday, August 27th at the Rotary Seafood Fest at Matson Lower Harbor Park in Marquette, MI.  It is the first event of the seafood fest.

If you’d like to register call 906-228-6800 for details.


Texaco Country Showdown Performers


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