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Negaunee Miners Girls Basketball defeats the Calumet Copper Kings (61-36) on Sunny FM

Miners VS Copper Kings on Sunny FM.
Final score of the Negaunee Miners Girls Basketball VS Calumet Copper Kings game on Sunny FM.

Calumet, Michigan02/06/2018– The Negaunee Miners Girls Basketball team traveled to Calumet this Tuesday night to take on the Copper Queens. The Miners came into this game a perfect 14-0 while the Copper Queens were 5-6. (Pictures at the bottom of the page). Brady and Jesse brought you all of the action on Sunny FM.

Ally Jacobson won the tip-off for Negaunee to start off the game. The Miners did score the first four points of the game but the Copper Queens had great defense and did a good job holding down the Miner’s offense. The score tied three times during the first quarter as the two teams were both playing with vigor. Just before the end of the first, MacKenzie Karki made a quick five points for the Miners making the score 16-11 as they took the lead back. Natalie Bartle charged in for the Miners during the second quarter and kept raking in the points. The Miners did great with their fast-paced offense and the Copper Kings couldn’t keep up like they wanted to. 29-21 was the score at half-time as the Miners lead the Copper Kings.

Miners VS Copper Kings on Sunny FM.
The National Anthem before the Negaunee Miners High School Girls Basketball VS Calumet Copper Kings game.

Calumet had possession to start off the second half of the ball game. Niina Anderson, of the Copper Kings, made the first two points in the third quarter. Natalie Bartle, answered right back with a three point play of her own for the Miners. Natalie Bartle actually took the contact, hit the deck and completed her three point play three times during the third. At the end of the third quarter, the score was 46-25 as the Miners kept their lead over the Copper Kings. As the fourth quarter pressed on, the Copper Kings had brought the game back to a twenty point game. Chloe Norman, Miner, was a really great match up for the Copper King, Lea Bjorn. Chloe did a really great job beating the press as she shown in the final quarter of the game. MyKenna Kontio and Payton Drew also scored in the fourth quarter for the Miners. 61-36 was the final score of the game as the Miners defeated the Copper Kings to remain victorious in this 2018 season. The Miners are now 15-0. Natalie Bartle led the Miners with her double-double of 27 points, and 10 rebounds. MacKenzie Karki followed behind her with 13 points and 2 rebounds. Chloe Norman and Abby Nelson both had 6 points. Mykenna Kontio and Payton Drew both had two points for the Miners and to round off the scoring, Clara Johnson had 1 point with 8 steals and 2 assists.

Negaunee Miners- 61
Calumet Copper Kings- 36


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** The next Miners game will be tomorrow, February 7th as the Boys basketball team stays home to take on the Westwood Patriots. The pre-game for that game will be around 7pm with the tip-off at 7:30pm. The next Girls game will be Thursday, February 8th as they travel to Iron Mountain to take on the Mountaineers. That game will have a pre-game around 7:15pm with the tip-off at 7:45pm. Brady Guilbault and Jesse Anderson will have all of the play-by-play action for you on Sunny FM. GO MINERS!

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