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12/07/2017- Negaunee Miners defeat the Calumet Copper Kings (52-45) on Sunny.FM

Miners basketball. They played to win this game against the Calumet Copper Kings!

Negaunee, Michigan12/07/2017It was the second game of the season this Thursday night for the Negaunee Boys basketball team. They took on the Calumet Copper Kings here in Negaunee. Jesse Anderson and Brady Guilbault brought you all of the action on Sunny.FM 101.9.

The first quarter of the game ended with a tie 10-10. The Miners started to get in a little bit of foul trouble throughout the first quarter. Calumet scored a lot of their points through free- throws while they were in the bonus. Luke Mattson and Jason Waterman scored the most points for the Miners through the first quarter. The second quarter started off with Negaunee still having trouble with the fouls. Calumet started to hustle more and racked up their points on the score-board. The Miners also picked up their game defensively this quarter leaving the score 22-18 at the half with the Copper Kings in the lead. Both Luke Mattson and Jason Waterman had the lead for their team with 5 points.

Jake Hill taking one of his many shots of the night! Miners defeated the Copper Kings 52-45 on Sunny.FM

The second half of the game was almost like a complete 180 for the Miners. They were faster and did a really good job defensively. Calumet looked shocked by Negaunee’s energy. Jakson Sager and Luke Mattson were forces for the Miners in the third quarter. 37-36 was the score at the end of the third quarter with the Miners in the lead for the first time in the game! The fourth quarter was even better for the Miners as they hustled through. All thanks to their great second half, the Miners took the win with a score of 52-45 against the Calumet Copper Kings. Coach Waterman said that a key player for the Miners this game was Jake Hill. He stepped up and saved their “bacon”, as coach says. He was ready to play and had a great game all around. The boys are now 1-1 for this sports season.

Negaunee Miners Boys Basketball defeated the Calumet Copper Kings on Sunny.FM

Join Brady Guilbault and Jesse Anderson this Friday, December 8th, as the Miner Girls basketball takes on the Houghton Gremlins on Sunny.FM 101.9. The pre-game is at 7pm with the game starting at 7:30pm. GO MINERS!

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