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Negaunee Miner Boys Defeat Ishpeming Hematites On Senior Night 63-42


Negaunee, Mi February 10th, 2023The Negaunee Miner Boys fought hard against the Ishpeming Hematites Friday night in the first match of a double header. It was Senior night for Negaunee High School, and Carl Leander Johnson was on the scene at Lakeview Elementary School for Sunny 101.9

The first quarter started off strong, Jace Turri of Negaunee scored first with a two-pointer. Mason Sager followed shortly with a three pointer as well. He scored a perfect swoosh at the free throw line, bringing Negaunee to a lead of six. Gavin Saunders scored a two pointer, furthering the Miners lead. After a two pointer from the Hematites, Brody Bell scored a two point dunk. Sophomore Guinette of Negaunee scored for the first time tonight, with a two pointer. The Hematites scored a three pointer that was short lived due to Mason Sager who followed with the same. Ty Jacobson brought the lead back to double digits straight off the bench after some contest from the Hematites.

Down The Court
Down The Court

Gavin Downey took the Miners lead to fourteen to start off the second quarter. The Miners spent the rest of the quarter in the bonus shortly after. Mason Sager scored again, as well as Jordan Guinette at the free throw line. Guinette scored two more times, earning his third charge despite contest from Ishpeming. Brody Bell scored yet again, bringing the Miners across the thirty point mark. Jordan sank two shots at the free throw line, bringing the Miners lead to seventeen. Louma of Ishpeming cut the Miners lead down to fifteen at the free throw line shortly after. Evan Gauthier scored for his first time of the night as well. Gavin Saunders finished off the half with a three pointer. 35-19

The Miners took first blood yet again in the third quarter. Louma scored a three pointer and a two pointer shortly after. Mason Sager was sent to the free throw line for a pair, and scored once. Ty Jacobson brought the Miners to forty shortly after. Mason Sager brought the Miners back up to sixteen before a timeout. Downey scored a three pointer after the break, making the student section go wild. Ty Jacobson sunk it shortly after, bringing them to a lead of twenty-one. Griffin Argall scored a rare four point play. Mason Sager sank two buckets at the free throw line a minute later. Argall scored again, cutting the Miners lead down to eighteen to finish off the quarter. 53-33

At The Net
At The Net

The fourth quarter started off with a birthday announcement for Evan Gauthier. Happy Birthday Evan! Downey scored a three pointer, bringing the Miners to a twenty point lead. Downey scored yet again, wooing the crowd. After a timeout, the Miners climbed to a lead of thirty thanks to Ty Jacobson. Maki scored shortly after as well. Downey scored yet another three pointer, bringing the Miners to a score of sixty-three. Ishpeming fought back, cutting down the lead to twenty-eight. Alec Nelson checked in with thunderous applause, Downey gets the same as he checks out as well as a heartwarming hug from coach Brad Nelson. The Hematites fought back, cutting the lead down to twenty-one points. The game ended off with a score of 63-42




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