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Miners Softball Earns Yet Another District Title, Defeats Calumet 13-5


West Ishpeming, MIJune 3rd, 2022 – The Negaunee Miners softball team earned themselves a district championship this evening for the 4th straight year, after defeating the Calumet Copper Kings. The game was broadcasted on 105.1-99.9.

The Miners began the championship game with runners on base, but eventually having to strand them after a few nice plays from the Copper Kings defense. Josie Thomson got the start on the mound, as Calumet was able to figure her out early. Calumet was able to score 2 quick runs in the first inning, including an in the park home run.

Negaunee vs Calumet
Negaunee vs Calumet

The Miners returned fire in the top of the 2nd inning, as Cooper Atkins found herself across the plate. Samantha Richards then brought in Mari Speaker to tie the ball game at 2 before Calumet was able to retire the side. Josie Thomson had a terrific inning, only throwing 11 pitches against 4 batters, without allowing a run.

Cooper Atkins nearly had herself a grand slam late in the top of the 3rd, as she was able to bring in her teammates to take a 4-2 lead. Shortly after, the Miners opened the flood gates. They scored 6 more runs including a 3-run shot from Josie Thomson. She then returned to the mound to begin the bottom of the 3rd inning, and had a tougher time than the previous inning. Thomson gave up 3 runs before being replaced by Grace Nardi. Nardi was able to clean things up as she retired the side after another infield double play from the Miners. Negaunee still led 10-5 to begin the 4th inning.

District Champions
District Champions

Negaunee was able to find some hits in the top of the 4th, but was unsuccessful to score any runners, leaving 2 on base. On the defensive side of the ball, the Miners quickly went 1,2,3 to keep the 10-5 lead heading into the 5th inning.

Sam Richards got on base early for the miners, as she was able to find home plate, thanks to Theresa Anderson. Josie Thomson found home plate later in the inning as Grace Nardi earned herself another RBI, Negaunee left 2 runners on base to end the top of the inning with a 12-5 lead. Negaunee and Grace Nardi once again took care of the Copper Kings with ease, holding onto the 7-run lead.

The Miners were able to find one more run in the top of the 6th, as Mari Speaker earned an RBI with a sac fly. Negaunee continued to play excellent defense as they did not allow a run in the bottom half of the inning. It was a 13-5 lead heading into the final inning of the game.

Negaunee with an already 8-run lead, didn’t need much insurance runs as they quickly returned to the defensive side of the ball. A Copper King was able to find the bag, but the Miners were able to secure the 3 outs, and secure yet another district championship defeating the Calumet Copper Kings 13-5.

Final: Negaunee 13 Calumet 5

The Miners will now advance to the regional tournament in Gladstone, as you can hear updates soon on opponent and times.



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