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Sheppard’s Acoustic Version of Geronimo and Smile – Wow!

Acoutic Cover of Geronimo by Sheppard
Amy with Her Blue Hair, and Great Vocal Pipes

Marquette, MI – Ever heard an acoustic version of your favorite song that you didn’t like?  I honestly have never heard one I didn’t like.  I just love when an artist stripes away all of the Studio Shine and just plays their music like you and I would.  So when I saw Sheppard doing Geronimo acoustically I thought, sweet, Click!  The YouTube video launched and I about fell off of my chair when I heard the chorus!  I mean wow they totally killed it.

While it wasn’t totally “Acoustic” they really simplified the arrangement and let the vocals and melody shine through.  I dig the slight tempo change when he sings “We Rushed it”, I never noticed if that’s in the original recording.  Plus – Check out those Pink Bass Strings!

As it often happens I got sucked into a few more YouTube videos and found myself singing along with Sheppard’s new single “Smile” about 10 minutes later.  Both videos are below, so pop in some ear buds and enjoy an acoustic Sheppard treat on me!

Acoustic Version of Geronimo

Sheppard’s New Single Smile


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