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Disappearing Cup Cake – Now you See it…


Sunny FM Radio Studio – Those who know me, know about my Big Mouth!  Yes… I see the irony in a radio show host having a big mouth…  Honestly though, I can fit so much food in my mouth it’s crazy, and I just so happen to have an appetite that accompanies my big gullet.  Jen from our Web Team brought a cup cake into the Sunny studio and that’s where it all started to get squirrely.  (Thanks Jen)

I felt like a Lion on the African savanna stalking prey as I picked out which one I wanted from the box.  Once caught, I wasted no time in peeling the cup cake paper off and in one swift motion it disappeared into my mouth never to be seen again.

It was like a magic trick.  Now you See it… Now you don’t!  Have you ever wondered where the disappearing things go in Magic tricks?

I learned something about myself today from eating this cupcake.  Apparently I prefer to consume my cupcakey prey whole! – Creepy!


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