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Friends, Fun and Some Really Good Beer

Cori and I in from of the Fermenters
Cori and I in front of the Fermenters

Ishpeming, MI – Where can you find fun, friends, and really good micro brewed beer in Ishpeming?  Cognition Brewery at the Mather Inn.

Last Friday I got a text from some friends asking if my wife and I were free to check out the new Cognition Brewery in Ishpeming I said “Heck Yeah!”

They happened to know Jay the owner so we scored a tour of the operation, being home brewers we were excited to take a walk around and chat with Jay about the operation.  I’d never been to the Mather Inn, but I’ve got to say it’s a great place with some great beer.  They are open 4-10pm Monday through Thursday with extended hours on the weekend.  Check out their great lineup of brews at Cognition’s website.

I’d recommend the Mather Mild.  (Description from Cognition) This is a low alcohol and very drinkable English-Style brown ale with a great malt profile.  Dark Caramel malts lay a subtle raisin/fig character over the top of the toast-like Maris Otter base malt.  It has a lot of flavor for a beer that is this low in alcohol.  Here is proof that low alcohol beers don’t have to be flavorless and boring.


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