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Summer Days Means The Stanley Cup Is Making It’s Rounds

NHL Hockey Trophey
The Stanley Cup in all it’s glory!

I’ve always been a big hockey fan, I used to play the sport until my senior of high school (where I gave it up, appropriately, to keep playing music!) but I still strapped on the pads here and there and kept tabs on the on-goings of the sport.

The summer means a few things for hockey players: 1-It’s not hockey season and we’re waiting for it, 2-Watching your favorite team lose or gain players over the season, and 3-getting to watch some great stories of the Stanley Cup making it’s rounds with the winning team.

I got to visit the Cup once in my life when the New Jersey Devils won in the early 2000’s.  He held a day where you could go in line and get your picture taken with it.  Someday I’ll find the picture of myself and my two brothers with McKay and the Cup.

That wasn’t the only time my family got to see the Cup.  My mom was working at a local grocery store at the time in Houghton and called home, “Hey guys, the Stanley Cup is sitting on my scanner at work!”  Yep, my mom, while working, had met the guy taking care of the Cup on it’s trip and brought it in for all to see.


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