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NHL Playoffs Start Tomorrow, I Declare Myself A Canucks Fan

Myself in my Canuck glory.

Ah yes, the NHL playoffs start TOMORROW!

And with that I guess this is where the arguments with other NHL fans start because if I’ve learned anything being an NHL fan is that people are passionate about their own NHL team.

In the midst of being in Red Wing country, I’m a Vancouver Canuck fan.  Yeah, one of THAT team.  In my defense though I was a bigger Wing fan until the 1994 run that the Canucks had to the finals.  I got got into the allure of Pavel Bure and Kirk McLean (my favorite goalie!) and thus I became a Canuck fan.

Even though we are favorites for the Cup once again this year I promise if anyone sees me I won’t rub it in if we win. Except maybe Dennis but that’s because I know he will if the Flyers win, I’ll be hearing about it.

With that, playoff hockey starts tomorrow, where the intensity level rises, the goals are bigger and the hits are harder.  I know Dennis made some picks for the first round and I will too. We’ll see who’s right!

East: New York Rangers, Boston Bruins, Pittsburgh, New Jersey Devils

West: Vancouver, St. Louis Blues, Phoenix Coyotes, Nashville Predators


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