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Building A Guitar Stompbox 101


I was talking to one of my friends about guitar pedals and I had mentioned the company from an earlier post.  He told me about how you could build them too, and sent me to Build Your Own Clone.

Instantly my mouth started to drool a little, even though I had no idea what I’d be doing.  After looking through the site I saw that they had a starter kit.  You could get all the tools for building a pedal, plus a pedal for a decent price.  I was interested enough that I was cool for trying it out.

So after building the “Confidence Boost” and it worked I decided to build a pedal…

"And with these, I shall make something!"

First I had to solder everything onto the board (that green object in picture above) which required…

..a soldering iron! Coffee too..

And I soldered for about the length of two Dido albums….

The board in all it's glory. Dido would be proud.

Next came installing the board, which was a bit tricky that I didn’t take any pictures to show.   Really it involved putting the pots (the knobs for the pedal) in and shoving the board in and soldering it to make it stay put.

The whole process took about 3 to 4 hours and works gorgeously now.  If you are curious it wasn’t really hard, but more time consuming.  If I can do it, I think anybody can.  I’m hoping to get another kit soon to make another.  Now the pedal in all it’s glory.


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