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Free Math Books and Tools for High School and Beyond


Earth – Free is nice.  Math and computer subjects are very well covered online, often well into graduate-level studies.  Free online courses from MIT, Standford and other schools are becoming well-known, so much so they are often organized and listed at sites such as edX: edX | Free online courses from the world’s best universities or Open Culture, 1,300 Free Online Courses from Top Universities | Open Culture .

At this time, most courses provide no actual college credit, only access to the same lectures and/or materials found  when auditing the class at the school.  However, for some courses, certificates can be earned and awarded.  Some Free MIT courses can also earn credit at some regionally accredited colleges that accept the online courses taken at MIT, sometimes without paying out-of-state fees or enrolling as a regular student.

Useful electronic textbooks are another resource available for those interested in the math and computer disciplines.

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