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Have Outdoor Fun With Your Dog With Ski Jor

The 8th Day with Todd Paz
The 8th Day with Todd Paz

Marquette, MIFebruary 28, 2017 – Winter can be a harsh time. Thankfully, there are many outdoor activities you can participate in to make the most of winter.  One of these activities is Ski Jor. President of the Noquemanon Ski Jor, and Ron Thorley, a member of the Noquemanon Ski Jor, stopped by the 8th Day with Todd Pazz to talk about the activity.

Ski Jor is similar to sled dog racing in that in involves dogs, humans, and snow, and the dogs and humans are attached by belts and lines.  It varies in that instead of having a group of dogs pull the human, there are only one or two dogs and the dogs and humans share equal workload.  The human, on a pair of cross country skis, is attached to their one or two dogs with a belt and line, and the skier must also have poles to propel themselves.

The activity is a lot of fun for both the humans and the dogs, according to Skaw and Thorley.

If this seems like an activity that interests you, but you’re not ready to jump in with both feet just yet, don’t worry.  On March 18th the Noquemanon Ski Jor is hosting a demo at the Cross Country Trailhead in Forrestville.  Experienced dogs will be at the event, but everyone is encouraged to bring their own dogs.  There will be equipment you can test out on yourself and your dog(s) to see if this activity is for you! The demo takes place from 2-4pm.

Skaw and Thorley also ask that you come out to support their club at their Big Bay Relay fundraiser on May 20th.  This is a relay event that involves just people (no dogs) in a relay run from Marquette to big Bay, a 25 mile course.  Bring a team of up to 5 members to split up the course! After you relay to a teammate, get in the car and drive to the next spot while hydrating and wait for your next turn to run.

Listen to the full interview with Brent Skaw and Ron Thorley below. Join Todd Pazz on the 8th Day every Saturday morning from 9-10am on Sunny FM.

LISTEN – 8TH DAY INTERVIEW – Brent Skaw and Ron Thorley from the Noquemanon Ski Jor